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Notary Public, Apostilles, Translations, Legal Document Assistant

Need a Notary Public?  All documents Notarized, at any time, my office or your home or office.

​Need a Document Authenticated or Apostilled by Kern County or Secretary of State ?   by mail: Sacramento 4 to 6 weeks, by mail: Los Angeles apostille express = 6-8 days //// or in person in Los Angeles = Same day

Translation of a document from English or Spanish or other language ? I'm a member of the American Translators Association, ATA=Member #272058

A Notary Public is a Public Official Commissioned by the Secretary Estate of California to perform various document Notarizations, Like:

Loan Document Signing for Home Mortgage, Business Trucking  Vehicles, and Travel Trailers.

Short Sale Arms Length affidavits

Loan Modification Documents signing

Affidavits  (an Affidavit is a statement or declaration made by a person) Sponsorship, invitation, support, etc.

Travel Authorizations (usually this is for a minor(s), traveling with one parent or alone)

Invitation Letters - Address Verification - Purchase Agreements - Bill of Sale - Temporary Minor(s) Care by relatives, partnership Agreements, etc.

REFUGEE PACKETS - Affidavit of Support - Recommendation Letters -Immigration forms needing notarization. 

Grant Deeds (new owners, adding a person(s) to the title, removing person(s) on the title, Parents granting property to children or Grandchildren and vice-versa, children must be of legal age and if children are not of age a Tutor must be named as well)

Quit Claims - Interspousal Deed - deed of trust (owner to owner) Reconveyance Deed - Living Trusts Documents 

New Employee Packet - Temporary Child Care (custody) - Economic support agreement.

Affidavit - Deat of Cotenant, (must bring death Certificate) Insurance Affidavits - HIPAA DIRECTIVES for medical patients, Wills and Testaments. 

Power of Attorney for the U.S.A. and International, including APOSTILLE by the Secretary of State-CA, and now we have a new service: "APOSTILLE EXPRESS" ask for details. (the Express service is not possible at this time due to Covid-19 restrictions) Most documents apostilled will return in a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Death Certificate due to COVID-19 translations and apostilled with a return period of 2 to 6 weeks

Acknowledgments, Jurats, Proof of Execution, (x) mark signer certificate

Many other Documents that need proof of the person signing the document in front of a Notary Public.

Call to get more information on the document you need to be notarized.

Will Travel to locations, like: Residential, Office, Hospitals and Prisions, Farms, warehouses (ask for prices)

WILL TRAVEL to Delano, McFarland, Wasco, Shafter, Lamont, Arvin, Lost Hills, Taft, Maricopa, ALL CALIFORNIA

Price per mile is 0.85 cents one way.  Price per signature in Acknowledgment is: $15.00 per person or $15.00 if a Jurat, depending on the document(s)  SB2217 allowed the increase in Notaries Fees in 09/15/2016

I can type documents via dictation, for legal documents please contact your local attorney at law, depending on the document. I will not give legal advice to anyone, I'm not an attorney, some of this forms are already done and sold in a Packet, at UPS, FedEx, Office Depot, Office Max, etc. and most of them can be done by yourself and I can re-type them into a professional-looking letter for you for a small price.

Identification is required, usually: DMV Driver License, DMV ID, Matricula Consular or Passport will do.

What if your license or I.D. or Passport has been expired? no worries, a State or Federal Identification that expired within 5 years, but no more than that, still accepted by notaries for Identification Purposes. but, what if the Identification has expired for more than 5 years? no worries, bring 2 other persons who can testify and certify they have known the signer to be that person who he/she says they are, this two credible witness, must bring their own state or Federal form of Identification.

Matricula Consular as a form of ID for notarizations, also Passports from their country of origin is an ACCEPTABLE Identification. If the person is in need of a document notarized and that for some reason has no State issued ID, the person could bring in 2 (two) credible witness each with their on State Issued ID and could swear and sign in front of the Notary Public that they know the person without ID.

Other Countries Passports are a valid Identification for Notarizations. (as long as they have the I-94 stamp on it)

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David V Fuentes,GRI, ABR, PSA, CPRES
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Miramar International Real Estate Group DRE Lic # 01929732

Notary Public, Translations, Apostilles

8720 - 8800 Harris Rd. Suite 102

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Many other local new Notaries call me for information:

Most every day, there is a call by someone, asking me for prices, or: how does it work? what is the process? I have a question..... and they say thank you and hang is very obvious to me these are other Notaries probably new to the business and they need information because they don't know what to do. So they call someone like me, with years of experience, and they throw that question. Why not be honest and say: hey I am a Notary new to the business and I don't know what to do in this situation, can you help me? is as simple as that. I have this web site with most of any question answered and if not, Notaries have a government website and other blogs from Notary Rotary, National Notary, etc. even in google there are answers. The experience is gain by getting educated in every aspect of legal documents, even though we are not lawyers, and we can't give legal advice, we Notaries have to be educated about those important documents because people do have those documents and they need a Notary that has the experience to check all the instructions given by the originators of the document; whether be a lender or a lawyer or a bank or a court in this country or abroad.